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Friday Five: Weekly Round-Up (#3)

Every friday I present the five most interesting articles, resources or news-items that I have come across during the week.  These are known as the ‘Friday Five’. Today the third round, be sure to check them out!

How Nonsense Sharpens the Intellect
Very interesting article about how exposure to absurd experiences and stories stimulates the brain to create out-of-the-box connections that would otherwise not have been made.

10/GUI – Ten-Finger Interface
A really great video explaining how a ten-finger user interface might work and replace the now standard mouse and keyboard configuration by leveraging the most recent technologies.

Can Jesus Microwave a Burrito?
The strangest Google Search autosuggestions. “Part illuminating, part entertaining and part terrifying, Suggest is a window into the collective search psyche of our fellow humans.”

Sharpie Art on Styrofoam Coffee Cups
A very large collection of styrofoam coffee cups made much more interesting by Cheeming Boey in an amazing way. Gorgeous illustrations ranging from beautiful and serene to weird and wonderful.

Soft Morphing Robot Blobs
Interesting video of the new generation of robots that can move by shapeshifting. By inflating and deflating  different chambers around their liquid core, they can manoeuver themselves through cracks and holes.

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